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 Regulatory solutions

The laws and regulations that businesses and business professionals need to comply with worldwide are constantly evolving and it can be a costly mistake to try and negotiate through the red tape on your own. Ever increasing regulations and watchful, assertive authorities can spell financial disaster for the unprepared.

We have a proven track record in regulatory matters such as advising clients in relation to proceedings before regulators, and are often called upon by national press for commentary on the subject. Our lawyers have considerable experience supporting and working alongside a broad and varied range of clients, from start-ups and entrepreneurs through to charities, public organisations and multinationals.

We provide expert regulatory legal advice and guidance, and if the worst happens and you find you’re under investigation, we also provide representation for regulatory prosecutions, tribunals, appeals and judicial reviews. We also advise and represent armed forces officers facing courts martial proceedings.

In short, our regulatory solicitors can undertake part or all of:

  • Drafting policies and training on regulatory matters
  • Dealing with regulator complaints or enquiries
  • Investigation interviews (both preparation and attending with clients)
  • Providing written submissions on regulatory decisions
  • Challenging notices served by regulators
  • Providing legal defence and legal services through any regulatory prosecution

It’s worth noting that sometimes our work is covered by your legal defence insurance and if so, we can help initiate that action for you.

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