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Welcome to Family Matters, the podcast series which explores the different areas of family law.

In this first episode of our series, we explore what working in the legal profession has been like during the Covid-19 pandemic. This series is suitable for those with little to no knowledge of family law, as well as those who have made a career within this niche area of English & Welsh law.

We touch on the pros and cons of remote hearings and issues of capacity within legal proceedings, with which Jack has first-hand experience in his role as a Barrister. Our main area of discussion is the concept of a Non-Molestation Order; who can have them, what do they mean, and the effect of this on legal proceedings. This leads us to the recently introduced concept of Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Domestic Violence Protection Orders; and how these work in practice.

Listen to Family Matters episode 1: Welcome to Family Matters.

In our second episode of the series, we re-cap from our previous episode and delve beyond non-molestation orders to domestic violence. Due to changes in the law there have been significant changes to the legal definition of domestic abuse. 

Jack explains the way in which domestic violence affects legal proceedings within the family court. We touch on the gendered notion of domestic violence and highlight the importance for male victims of abuse as in the case of Jordan Worth and Alex Skeel. We review the significance of the Domestic Abuse Bill and how this will encourage further access for justice, for those who need it. 

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In this episode, we kick off by discussing the most talked about area of family law: divorce. With particular emphasis on the changes in legislation to divorce which will be coming into force next year, having been delayed while the UK government works to implement these changes.

We listen to the first-hand experience of John Burrell, Consultant for the Ince London Family Department and his thoughts on this new legislation: the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill. We re-cap on the current ways in which divorce has been processed within and outside of the Family Courts and how this is likely to change. For individuals not working within family law, we touch on the current system of blame and fault; together with the social stigma of divorce in general.

Listen to Family matters episode 3: No Fault Divorce? Finally!

In the fourth episode of “Family matters”, Sharon Priday, Managing Associate, and Andrew Williams, Managing Associate come together to bring you both the family and the private wealth legal perspective on matrimonial finances.

Sharon provides us with an overview of the matrimonial financial process to include when you could be protecting your wealth and how best to do this. We discuss the financial disclosure of pensions, medical records, business records, and inheritance. Andrew delivers persuasive points for separating couples to consider in terms of their Wills and how they hold their property. He also gives us an overview of how Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax can play an important role in the matrimonial financial process.

Listen to Family Matters episode 4: Divorce and finances.

In the fifth episode of “Family Matters” we are joined by Susan Williams who sheds light on agreements between separating couples regarding their children. 

We start by breaking down the concept of Parental Responsibility in order for separating couples to start their journey to co-parent their children effectively. For those who opting for the Court route in order to obtain a Child Arrangements Order, there are many factors to be considered known as the ‘welfare checklist’; whereby decisions are made in the best interest of the child or children. We discuss how gender may play a role in these decisions and the importance of early advice. 

Listen to Family Matters episode 5: Divorce & Children.
John Burrell

John Burrell Consultant, Head of Family

Susan J Williams

Susan J Williams Partner and Head of Family Department

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