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News / Valentine's Day - your legal rights when taking the next step in your relationship

14-02-2022 / Family & Matrimonial

Each year, on 14 February millions of people across the world mark the day by sending cards and gifts to their partners to show their love and affection. With many considering this to be the most romantic day of the year, it may seem an appropriate time to embark on the next step of your relationship. This could mean couples deciding to move in together, or it sometimes provide an opportunity for a marriage proposal. These are very exciting times for couples, when careful consideration of the legal consequence of taking that next step are no doubt far from the happy couple’s minds.  

News / How to achieve an amicable divorce

17-01-2022 / Family & Matrimonial

The beginning of the year always brings enquiries in relation to relationship breakdowns. The end of the old year is often a period of reflection and the New Year an opportunity for change.

News / How to achieve an amicable divorce – an outline

17-01-2022 / Private Wealth

At the beginning of the year, we always see a surge of relationship breakdown enquiries, as couples reflect at the end of an old year and the new year brings an opportunity for change.

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News / Divorce myths: debunked

13-01-2022 / Family & Matrimonial

Over the years, our clients have shared some weird and wonderful myths about divorce and separation. Rebecca Aston-Jones from our Family team dispels some common myths and clarifies with the law.

News / ‘Death in Paradise’: debunking adoption and inheritance rights myths in Christmas special

13-01-2022 / Family & Matrimonial, Private Client & Tax

Many viewers will have tuned in to watch the BBC’s Death in Paradise Christmas special. During the episode, a wealthy shipping magnate was found dead at a Christmas party, and as the story progressed, the culprit was confronted and the mystery behind the victim’s death was revealed.

Insights / Family Matters podcast series

15-12-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

Welcome to Family Matters, the podcast series which explores the different areas of family law.

News / Divorce now or await the change in the law?

12-10-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

There has been much publicity about the long awaited change in the law brought about by the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020. This Act becomes effective on April 29 next year and will enable proceedings ending the legal relationship to begin, without waiting for a minimum of two years following separation, or in the absence of separation, apportioning blame to the other party by providing details of the individual’s unreasonable behaviour or adultery.