Wai Yue Loh and Edgar Chin honoured as Senior Accredited Specialists by the Singapore Academy of Law

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Incisive Law LLC is a Singapore law firm with strong expertise in advising local and international clients across a broad range of transactional and dispute resolution matters.  Accreditation from the SAL is awarded to individuals who, over the course of their career, have contributed to the well-being of the industry and legal community in a profound and substantial way. The purpose of the scheme is to recognise legal practitioners with high levels of proficiency in their chosen practice area. Both senior lawyers were selected after a stringent selection process, which requires the relevant candidate to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the relevant area of specialisation, before an independent selection panel comprising of luminaries in the legal profession including judges of the Supreme Court, makes their decision.  Wai Yue Loh is a Director at Incisive Law, Chief Representative of Ince’s Beijing office and also heads the China desk in Singapore. A litigator with expertise across all types of commercial disputes including the trading of oil & gas, dry bulk cargoes and wet and dry shipping, Wai Yue has constantly been ranked as a leading lawyer in numerous legal directories, such as Chambers and Legal 500. He is also qualified to practise Hong Kong and English law which makes him one of the few triple-qualified lawyers in Asia with a firm understanding of the various legal systems and clients’ commercial needs within the region. Edgar Chin is Joint Managing Director of Incisive Law and head of the firm’s disputes team. Edgar has extensive and in-depth experience in shipping and admiralty legislation, international trade, insurance and commercial sectors, with a strong focus on contentious legal matters. Commenting on the accreditation, Adrian Biles, Chief Executive of The Ince Group said:“I am thrilled that Wai Yue and Edgar have been recognised for their industry expertise. As a Group we always strive to offer our clients the highest levels of service and this accreditation demonstrates that we have some of the best people in the industry working with us.” Wai Yue Loh, Director at Incisive Law said:“I am truly honoured to receive this accreditation from the SAL, especially after having recently returned to practise at the Singapore bar following many years of practice overseas. More broadly, the accreditation highlights the level of service the firm is able to offer. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, especially on complex issues and challenging cases in the maritime and shipping field. The recognition by the SAL of Edgar and I strengthens our commitment to provide service of the highest standards to clients across all markets.” Edgar Chin, Joint Managing Director at Incisive Law said:“Being awarded with this accreditation from the SAL is both a huge delight and a privilege. At Incisive Law, we always go above and beyond for our clients and I couldn’t be happier that our work has been recognised in this way.”

Wai Yue Loh

Wai Yue Loh Partner and Chief Representative of Beijing Office, Beijing, Partner, Hong Kong and Joint Managing Director, Singapore

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