Six tips for working at home with your partner during the coronavirus outbreak

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In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the virus presents all of us with a number of challenges beyond the security of our health and wellbeing. Firstly, the pandemic has caused financial concerns for many, with the potential loss of income for a significant number of people across the country. However, the government are putting a number of encouraging, stringent measures in place to help ease the situation, such as mortgage holidays and staff retention grants.

The outbreak also causes concerns for strains on our relationships; as current UK government advice states that everyone should be staying and working at home where possible, and these difficult times will inevitably accelerate stress and tensions at home; irrespective of whether people are already experiencing relationship difficulties.

As a result, Baroness Shackleton has recently commented that “The prediction amongst divorce lawyers is that following self-imposed confinement it is very likely that the divorce rate will rise”. Irrespective of your circumstances, here are a few helpful tips to help ease the situation of working in close proximity with a partner or spouse during these trying times:

  1. Configure separate work spaces; ideally away from your normal living space and preferably on different levels of the property.
  2. Once you have configured separate work spaces, respect each other’s space.
  3. Make time for yourself: don’t be in each other’s pockets.
  4. Remain supportive of each other and celebrate any work progress and successes together
  5. Keep a consistent weekly schedule, particularly if you have children together
  6. Prepare your other half if you anticipate there are going to be any disruptions throughout the working day, i.e. if you know you are going to be on a loud conference call.

If you are experiencing any relationship difficulties in your household and you would like to explore what your options are, do not hesitate to contact one of our family solicitors at Ince Metcalfes.

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