Men's Health Week: A focus on domestic abuse

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There is a lot of press, almost on a daily basis, on the domestic abuse of women. However, there needs to be an understanding and realisation that men are not always the perpetrators, but instead can be the victims of domestic abuse.

The victim’s fear is often that by making such a claim, the man may be perceived by society as ‘weak’. Thus, domestic abuse towards men routinely goes unreported, particularly when the perpetrator is a female.

Male victims are often ignored by police, not taken seriously, or see their attacker go free and have fewer refuges to flee to than women do. The Office for National Statistics released figures in November 2020, following a study completed in March 2020 in England and Wales. That study records that 13.8% of men and 27.6% of women, included in the study, reported having suffered some form of physical abuse from either a partner or family member. The figures for male victims, although lower than women, are significant.

Domestic abuse can lead not only to physical symptoms but can cause mental health issues. At a time when we are focusing on men’s health, it is important that the protection of men from domestic abuse is not overlooked. Specifically, that they are taken seriously when a claim is made, and that they feel able to report, seek help and are provided with the support they need.

All claims of domestic abuse should be taken seriously whether made by women or men, and each victim treated in the same way, with the same dignity, respect, support and assistance given.

At Ince, we have a dedicated Family team who are able to provide urgent advice to protect your safety or advise on what legal recourse may be available to you. We also have connections to charities that can also provide further support and assistance. If you need help and would like to speak to us, to advise you and help you navigate through this difficult time, and any difficulties arising from the above issues, please contact Sharon Priday, Managing Associate on +44 (0) 29 2010 0950 or by email on

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