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It has been reported in the media that Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, hosted an event on Wednesday to highlight the invaluable work that the organization 'SafeLives' undertakes to support victims of Domestic Abuse.

Statistics show that at least 2 women a week are killed in domestic violence incidents at the hands of their partner or former partner. This is a shocking statistic.

Domestic Abuse is so frequently a hidden secret in families, with victims being too scared, embarrassed or ashamed that they are going through incidents of domestic abuse in their relationships. Victims have feelings of guilt and often feel that it is their fault.

Domestic abuse has long lasting effects on the victims as well as the children who witness domestic abuse taking place within their home.

Domestic abuse occurs in all varieties of family structures with women and men being victims. It crosses all age groups from the young to more senior members of society.

There are now many domestic abuse charities who support victims and their families who are experiencing domestic abuse. More has to be done.

Women and men need to be encouraged, supported and reassured to open up and talk about their experiences, to find the right help to get out of their terrifying circumstances and to have the appropriate support to build a new life for them and their children.

At Ince our Lawyers support the work of such valuable organizations. In Cardiff our Family team provides advice through the Legal Clinics that organizations such as Cardiff Women’s Aid, Rise and Safer Wales provides for the users of their services. This enables the victims to have access to information on their options as they move forward in breaking free from Domestic Abuse.

If you know anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse, encourage and support them to speak to domestic abuse organizations as well as one of our specialist Family legal advisers who are able to offer advice on all the options available to protect them and their loved ones from further harm and to build a future free from abuse.

Please support local charities and organizations that provide help to victims of domestic abuse. They so desperately need your help.

Susan J Williams

Susan J Williams Partner and Head of Family Department

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