Celebrating St Dwynwen’s Day: Then & Now

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25th January is St Dwynwen’s Day; which is celebrated in Wales in the same way as St Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the world, through the exchange of flowers and cards, romantic meals and special time spent by the couple together.

St. Dwynwen was a Welsh princess, living between the fourth and fifth centuries. After being unable to marry the man of her dreams, she chose to become a nun and set up a convent on the island of Angelsey. The ruins of her church on Angelsey are still visited by lovers today. It is said that if a person falls in love on this day the relationship will be blessed.

Now, we live in a world of ever-changing demands, uncertainties and insecurities. The best way to continue the romance is to create as much certainty and stability as possible, by setting your relationship in concrete with strong foundations.  The law has evolved over time to strengthen relationships, with various options available to the couple embarking on their lives together.

Pre-nuptial agreements are available to create a level of financial security before entering into a marriage or civil partnership:

Post-nuptial agreements are available to create financial security following the marriage or civil partnership ceremony;

Wills are available to ensure that provision is there for the surviving partner, (particularly important where the relationship is not formalised by marriage or civil partnership, as there is no automatic right of inheritance);

Cohabitation agreements are available to couples who do not seek formal recognition of their relationship but wish to create financial certainty in their lives together.

Our dedicated family team at Ince Cardiff can advise you on a variety of these options to secure your relationship. As family lawyers, we very much support the continuance of relationships and enjoy that positive side of our role. We are also there for all our clients in the event of difficulties in the relationship. Contact us on 02920 100950 for an initial discussion or to arrange an appointment.

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