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Settlement agreements (formerly compromise agreements)

We advise all employees, whatever their level of seniority, on agreements terminating their employment.

These may range from straightforward agreed settlements for fixed termination payments to complex negotiations leading to share options, other equity participation or ongoing consultancy arrangements.

We appreciate that sometimes you will simply want basic advice and to sign off on an agreement, whereas other times you may want to know if you can negotiate a more favourable package. Whether the underlying situation is redundancy, possible constructive unfair dismissal or otherwise, we will guide and assist you through the process.

In order to advise you we will explore and consider:

  • Your legal rights and whether you could you bring an unfair dismissal or other claim
  • Your contractual rights to notice or other employment benefits, including notice period, commission, bonus, health cover and holidays
  • How soon will you get another job after you leave your employment
  • Whether the terms being proposed to you being offered in the most tax efficient manner

In all cases, our lawyers will ensure you get the best possible deal.

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