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Discrimination at work

There are few issues faced by employers that are more disruptive than allegations of discrimination. Allegations, whether genuine or malicious, can eat up weeks or even months of your management time.

We can minimise the possibility of your organisation facing such allegations and, if the worst happens, defend an employment tribunal claim.

Our experience includes advising on matters as diverse as dealing with a flexible working request from a new parent, to how to make arrangements for a disabled job interviewee, ensuring that a redundancy process is managed fairly, and responding to a grievance.

We can:

  • Advise on pre-employment checks and medical questionnaires
  • Draft equal opportunities and anti-harassment policies
  • Advise on grievances alleging harassment or discrimination
  • Train managers on anti-harassment and equal opportunities
  • Respond to requests for variations to working patterns because of caring responsibilities, disability or other reasons
  • Ensure that performance management is not unfair to disabled or older workers
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