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Privacy & Breach of Confidence

The English law around privacy is complicated and has been in a state of development in recent years, but the courts now recognise the right to a private life for individuals, both those in and not in the public eye. Whether you are high profile or not, seeking to limit your public exposure in respect of a specific issue or more generally, we can guide you through your options and take emergency action where appropriate.

Closely related to this is the law of confidence. A claim for breach of confidence can arise where there is a confidential relationship between you and someone else – a medical professional, for example – and they release or threaten to release information about you without your consent. If you are in this situation you may be able to apply to the court for financial compensation, or to seek an injunction if the information has not yet been widely released. We’ll help guide you through your options and advise you on the best possible approach.

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