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Ince Gordon Dadds Emergency Response +442072836999

Reputation management, defamation & privacy

A business or individual reputation may have taken decades to evolve: it can be lost in minutes.

Our clients range from household celebrity names to global corporations – but much of our work here is undertaken behind the scenes, never seeing the light of day.

In protecting your name or essential goodwill, or your confidential information being misused or disseminated, we deploy hard, legal power (data or FOI requests, injunctions) alongside other ‘softer’ techniques and, frequently, other specialists, such as public relations consultancies.

We can advise to the tightest of deadlines – a given where online media is concerned – to prevent or minimise adverse reporting or dissemination – and the consequent damage to reputation.

We also work on complex, long-running disputes to right more substantial wrongs, securing formal apologies, retractions, remedies and substantial damages.

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