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Ince Gordon Dadds Emergency Response +442072836999

Media and entertainment

An industry that never sleeps, constantly evolves and throws up challenges of every kind: there is no arena more ubiquitous or demanding than that of media and entertainment.

If your company works in this field – in film, TV, production, publishing or promotion – we can advise you how to defend the commercial value of the assets you have created or acquired. We also help well-known actors, celebrity chefs, designers, models, musicians and sportspeople with their legal problems.

We’ll help your business with rights or licensing deals, protect you as you go through mergers, or fend off infringements of your intellectual property, such as copyright, trade marks and patents.

Our media clients include household name internet, newspaper, magazine, book publishers or film, radio and television producers. They may face challenges in defamation, privacy or breach of confidence. We can help them with pre-publication advice, or handling complaints or claims that arise after publication.

At a deeper level we’re here to advise on contempt of court (pre and post publication), data protection issues and freedom of information requests.

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