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Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution is at the very heart of what we do. We understand the strain that disputes put our clients under and our dispute resolution team work tirelessly to understand the full legal context of your position to understand how we can assist. We are at home with handling the smaller commercial cases, while we also have an unbroken history of handling the very biggest cases.

The cases we take on range from a relatively simple contractual dispute to some of the biggest and most complex cases against the largest companies and institutions in the world. We regularly advise on your chances of success and guide you through settlement or mediation. At the other end of the scale we can conduct full-blown cross-border arbitration or litigation depending on what is best for you.

As a global centre for dispute resolution, our international case management is second to none. When necessary we can marshal our network of offices, overseas law firms, expert witnesses and counsel to maximum effect, analysing, huge volumes of documents in multiple languages, all the while communicating with you to reinforce the strength of your position and manage the time and cost profile.

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