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Cyber Security: China

China currently lacks a unifying framework of data protection and cyber security laws. It also lacks a dedicated legislator. As such, its approach towards data protection and cyber security has often been piecemeal, and industry specific. That said, since 2015, China has taken a serious look at its current cyber security laws, and has passed, or is in the process of legislating, more laws in this area.

As matters stand, the following legislation are currently in force and contain aspects that deal with data protection and cyber security:-

>  Consumer Rights Protection Law

>  National Security Law

>  Counter-Terrorism Law

In July 2015, China also published a draft Cyber Security Law, which extends to issues other than mere data protection. The draft is still under consultation and has not been enacted into legislation yet. Ince Compliance will continue to monitor developments.

As China’s data protection and cyber security laws are still at a developmental stage, understanding China’s position in this area requires a careful assessment of existing laws, decisions, and policy guidelines. If you require further information, please contact our Team or your usual Ince & Co contact.