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Commercial contracts

Our commercial contracts experience means we are often involved in negotiating, drafting and advising on a wide variety of commercial arrangements, both domestic and international for every stage of the supply chain and product life cycle. Our international experience, coupled with our global reach, allows us to advise on cross-border issues across different jurisdictions. We have experience dealing with cross-border complex distribution agreements, procurement and sales agreements, confidentiality and sponsorship agreements, IP and IT licences, data protection, e-commerce and online auctions and outsourcing contracts.

Contracts which we regularly prepare include:

>  Terms and conditions for the provision of services

>  Terms and conditions for websites and online business

>  Sale and purchase of goods

>  Manufacturing agreements

>  Supply and distribution agreements

>  Agency agreements

>  Merchandising agreements

>  Design and refurbishment contracts for buildings and luxury assets such as yachts and planes

>  Maintenance agreements for real estate and luxury assets

>  Co-operation agreements

>  Publishing agreements

>  Computer hardware and software agreements

>  Licensing and franchising agreements

We aim to produce pragmatic, sensible and fair contracts that get you where you need to be.

“the team is very good - able to take a commercial approach and find a good solution.” chambers & partners 

We believe that good commercial agreements encourage performance and discourage disputes. However, if a dispute should arise it’s important to feel confident that the agreement provides protection.

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