If you are worried about your diagnosis or cancer treatment of any type, Ince in Bristol is here to help you make a claim.

You, Cancer misdiagnosis and mistreatment
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Your doctor may have failed to diagnose your symptoms, there may have been a delay in diagnosis or you may have been told you had cancer when you didn’t.

Here at Ince in Bristol, we handle medical negligence cases arising out of a failure by medical professionals to diagnose a wide variety of cancers. We can support you to make a claim for compensation that can help towards you and your family’s futures.

Your claim for cancer misdiagnosis or mistreatment

At such a difficult and emotional time, it is essential to have an experienced team behind you. Our team will ensure you recover the maximum compensation for your claim and support you with other needs you have, whether that is rehabilitative treatment, referrals to medical and occupational health specialists, building modification guidance and getting you the compensation to pay for it.

We can also support you to make a claim if you have lost someone due to a delay or cancer misdiagnosis.

If you or a loved one have suffered because of delays or failures in diagnosing cancer, contact Ince in Bristol today on 0117 929 0451.
You can also email us for advice and to discuss the options you have in bringing a claim for compensation, using the contact form below. 

How we have helped other clients

  • Mrs S on behalf of the Estate of Mr S (deceased) vs the NHS: Our client received £200,000 compensation after her husband passed away from bowel cancer. It was accepted by the hospital that there was an unacceptable delay in diagnosis and that his death could have been avoided with earlier diagnosis and treatment.
  • GF vs the NHS: Our client received £100,000 after his wife passed away following a diagnosis of kidney cancer. It was argued that there was a one year delay in diagnosis, which led to the cancer becoming incurable and her passing away. Had the cancer been diagnosed earlier, it could have been treated with surgery. Damages were awarded for her pain and suffering whilst she was alive and to her husband for the loss of his wife.
Contact us on 0117 929 0451, or email us using the contact form below to speak to one of our legal experts today.

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