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Whether you are a builder or a buyer, the ship being built is a vital capital asset. There will be long, detailed contract negotiations. Even after the ship has been built, market forces may mean that you want to renegotiate the price or the delivery.

Contract negotiation

Shipbuilding contracts are complex documents. Clear drafting is essential. Our expertise includes drafting contracts from scratch as well as advising on changes. We can participate directly in negotiations on your behalf. We produce clear contractual wordings. Our experience as litigators gives us an invaluable perspective on the pitfalls that may lie months or years ahead, and enables us to anticipate them and avoid them at the outset with the right wording.

We draft all of the associated documents – not just the main contract but the performance and refund guarantees and contracts for the financing and insurance of projects.

Dispute resolution

Your disputes may relate to cost overruns, delay and disruption, bad workmanship and even the bankruptcy or collapse of the shipyard. Our lawyers have handled countless arbitrations and court cases involving these issues. We draw on that experience to advise you behind the scenes on how to avoid legal disputes. Sometimes this can be achieved without the other party even knowing of our involvement, so that the problem can be smoothed out and the building continues.

If the dispute escalates, we can help you with the arbitration or court case. Whatever the problem, we can help you resolve it – often quickly and without long-term pain to your business relationships.

We are experienced in dealing with legal, contractual and technical matters within shipbuilding disputes. We are used to working alongside consultants such as programming experts, quantity surveyors and engineers.

For more information and to discuss your requirements contact Chris Kidd or Paul Ho 

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