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Licensed premises | SEVs

Generally, Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs) are more regulated and the licenses therefore more difficult to acquire than regular premises licences. We have become specialists at representing SEVs, be it granting, renewing, variation or any other aspect of the licence. We have SEV clients who have been instructing our team as trusted advisors for decades.

SEVs are a category of sex establishments which provide relevant entertainment such as table and lap dancing or anything else sexually stimulating in nature. In order to operate such a venue, a SEV licence must be sought from the local council which is subject to annual renewal. Councils have been tightening the numbers of venues they are willing to include in their constituency, but we have been successful in obtaining and renewing applications which on the face of it have been contrary to local authority policy.

We are often called upon to advise on:

  • Submitting applications for the grant of SEV licences in areas with a strict quota on these venues
  • Seeking variations to the licence which include proposing additional licensable floor space, increased capacity, increased hours or anything that would potentially increase the cumulative impact of the four licensing objectives.
  • Submitting applications for the renewal or transfer of SEV licences
  • Appeals to the Magistrates Court for refusals or additional conditions being added to the licence
  • Judicial Review of decision making process which led to a negative result unjustly
  • Constantly updating Council policies that effect the operation of these venues

Case Studies

  • We have respresented the owners of a SEV in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for a number of years. Most recently, we secured the renewal of the license, plus sucessfully obtained a variation to it which allows them to add a roof terrace for performances.

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