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Licensed premises | Personal licences and designated premises supervisors

All licensed premises that serve alcohol or late night refreshment must have one designated premises supervisor (DPS) who authorises the sale of alcohol and generally manages the licensed premises. A DPS must complete a personal licence training course and following successful completion, is provided with a personal licence.

In our experience, organisations can benefit from having a number of licensed individuals as it ensures holiday cover, plus it allows for a higher quality of licensing and practical knowledge in team members. We have had great success in applying for and acquiring personal licences across the country for staff in both start-ups and large established chains.

If your premises were to be without a named DPS at any time, you would be in breach of the Licensing Act 2003, and your licence could well be suspended. In these circumstances, we can vary the DPS with immediate effect so that your business does not have to cease trading whilst lengthy procedures take place. This is why we would always recommend having more than one personal licence holder in your business to step in as DPS.

Case Studies

  • Acting for a West End nightclub to provide four new members of staff with personal licences for use at the renowned Henley Regatta. We had a tight time schedule to not only to provide the training and examinations for the personal licence holders but to apply for their licences following a 100% pass rate and delighted the client in coming up trumps two weeks before the event.
  • Acting for supermarket/convenience store chains.
  • Maintaining records of personal licence holders and managing databases of licences for clients.
  • Acting for a number of restaurant chains, and due to the quick turn over of staff we are continuously submitting the variations for designated premises supervisors and offer an out of hours service.
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