If you’ve been injured whilst at work we can help you to make a claim for your injuries and loss of earnings on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Having an accident at work can be devastating, especially if the injuries sustained are life-changing. Even where the injuries are not serious, work accidents may render the injured person unable to continue working for a certain period of time.

How we have helped our clients

Plumber severs tendon after not given the right tool for the job

Our client was asked to carry out a minor plumbing job by his manager, but was provided with a tool which was not specifically made for the purpose and therefore did not grip very well.

While trying to loosen a fixture, the tool slipped and our client hit his hand so hard on the fixture he was trying to loosen that he severed the tendon in one of his fingers, causing it to droop and required surgery.

Fortunately he did not suffer any loss of earnings, but we were able to obtain a financial award which compensated him for the pain and suffering he went through.

We also secured an additional amount for his partner who had to help him after the accident by doing all of the gardening jobs that our client had been unable to do in the meantime.

Dump truck driver breaks leg whilst cleaning tailgate of a tipper lorry

Our client was employed as a dump truck driver on a construction site, but was instructed by his employer to clean the tailgate of a tipper lorry that had delivered sand to the site.

A large amount of sand was still stuck to the side of the lorry’s skip and whilst the client was cleaning the tailgate, the sand suddenly dislodged and fell on our client, breaking his leg in two places.

The severity of the injury left our client immobile and dependent on crutches for a long period.  Our client was unable to work for approximately 9 months and required care and support to complete daily tasks.  Since he was a European National and had no family nearby, his mother had to fly over to the UK to stay with him during his recuperation, and in doing so had to give up her job back home.

Our client’s priority was to return to work and regain an independent lifestyle. The possibility of further surgery to strengthen his leg had been discussed with our client and he was keen to proceed, but the surgery was expensive.

Leigh Woodham, Personal Injury Specialist, led the case and negotiated a settlement with the insurers, which included damages not just for his pain and suffering, but also reimbursement for the lost earnings that he and his mother suffered. The cost of his mother’s flights to and from the UK were also recovered, and the negotiated settlement allowed our client to arrange the surgery he wanted with a surgeon of his choice.

If you have been injured whilst you are at work please contact us immediately to discuss your situation and we can advise on your options. Call on 0117 929 0451 or email or complete our enquiry form. We can help you.

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Case Studies

Client wins compensation for injury at work

Following an accident at work resulting in burns and psychological harm, we successfully secured over £14,000 compensation for our client.

Compensation victory for arm broken whilst at work

After our client slipped and broke his arm on a recently mopped floor, we were able to successfully secure compensation for him.
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