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Contentious trusts and probate

If you are concerned that a vulnerable relative is coming under pressure to settle their affairs in a certain way, or an unforeseen issue emerges during the administration of an estate, we can advise you on your position, and on the right course of action.

Although the courts, including the Court of Protection, are there as a last resort, we often find that a fresh approach,  backed not only by our knowledge of the law but also by our extensive experience combined with common sense, will find a way through that is acceptable to all concerned.  Where unfortunately such an approach does not work you will find that we are vigilent in protecting our clients’ interests.

We have extensive experience of disputes under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act, where it is alleged that inadequate provision has been made for a dependant by a deceased person in their will, and we have acted in many such cases for claimants, beneficiaries and executors.  We often find that mediation is a constructive way of resolving such disputes.

Many estates have assets in different jurisdictions and we have experience in handling disputes not only in England & Wales but also in jurisdictions such as Singapore and the Cayman Islands.

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