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We recognise that the breakdown of a relationship will be a traumatic time for parents and children alike.  

Parents will have to continue to make important decisions about their children while coming to terms with the breakdown of their own relationship. When a separation involves children, they will be your primary concern – and they will also be ours.

We understand that you will have many questions about your children’s future:

  • How do we tell the children?
  • Where will the children live and how often can I see them?
  • At what age are their views taken into account?
  • What will happen if my ex-spouse wants to move abroad with the children?
  • Can I stop the children from meeting a new girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • What about their education and its funding?

Each family’s position is unique. Upon a divorce or separation we will address sensitively the issues involved and help to build new long term relationships between you and your children, while attempting to minimise the overall impact on your family.

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