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Child Welfare

Child welfare is the family court’s paramount consideration, and rightly so. Sadly, disputes over the arrangements for children can often arise in the context of separation or divorce.

Our priority is to ensure that your child’s best interests come across in court proceedings. We can help you to ensure that your child is protected from lengthy disputes where ever possible.

We are well versed in the various alternative methods of resolving disputes about children, which will often be more effective and less polarising than court proceedings

If you are facing a dispute over where your child should live or their contact with either parent we will guide you through your options, from mediation to injunctions. We can also answer any questions you may have about planning for your child’s future, including education, step-parent involvement, and relocation.

The courts no longer make orders for residence or contact, but will now simply make a “child arrangements order” which can cover both issues.

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