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Yacht purchase & sale

When buying a yacht or superyacht, it’s vital to make sure that you’re buying what you think you’re buying, from the party that owns her, through individuals with the correct authority – and on terms that suit you.

>  Our dedicated lawyers exclusively handle yachts and superyachts

>  We understand the potential pitfalls of relying on standard industry terms

>  We know how to address issues arising – helping to keep deals on track

We’re here to protect your interests from the outset, ensuring there are no hidden surprises later. Typical purchase contracts tend to be light on detail and seller-friendly. As a buyer, you will want the peace of mind to know that our specialist yacht transactional lawyers are managing the contract process on your behalf.

Decisions about whether or not to charter, and where to flag the yacht, need to be well advanced before the purchase contract is even in place. Great care must also be taken to make sure that legal handover occurs at the right time and place. Getting this wrong can lead to otherwise avoidable taxes becoming payable – with authorities having the power to seize yachts until claims are settled.

It’s also just as important for sellers to take advice before they agree to sell. Sitting back and waiting for the money to arrive is not enough. As when buying, if later claims are to be avoided it is essential to ensure that specialist legal advice is obtained to avoid the pitfalls that can arise.

Contact Duncan Bateson (London) or Julia Wiechell (Hamburg) for more information.

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