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Yacht finance

With low interest rates, releasing capital for investment - which would otherwise be tied up in your yacht or superyacht - can make sense. But negotiating all terms requires specialist expertise if a loan isn’t to become a significant burden.

>  We have one of the world’s foremost marine finance practices

>  We work with lenders and borrowers, understanding both points of view

>  Our advice is fast, clear and commercially sound

Our job is to understand your goals and to provide you with advice on proposed finance terms. We can then negotiate with the lender on your behalf. And there are usually many essential points to be addressed.

To ensure that you fulfil your obligations, the lender will want to be able to take over the yacht and other assets as security, should you fail to comply. There will be commitments to maintain and insure the yacht, and comply with the terms of the insurance and any flag state obligations. We can advise you on all of these aspects.

Superyachts are usually owned by a company of which you are an owner. Even if the yacht is not technically owned by you, you will be asked to act as if you were the borrower. You will be asked to provide a personal guarantee to the lender. This can put all your assets at risk if the owning company defaults on the loan.

Contact Duncan Bateson (London) or Georg Lehmann  (Hamburg) for more information.

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