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Yacht crew employment

The key to a happy yacht is a content crew. And the foundation for that contentment are employment contracts that are clear and readily understood. Such agreements must also conform to flag state rules and international laws.

>  Our dedicated lawyers exclusively handle yachts and superyachts

>  We have a detailed understanding of complex seafarer employment regulations

>  We employ numerous former mariners in technical roles and understand their needs and outlook

The Maritime Labour Convention has now come into force in many countries, creating a uniform regulatory regime for seafarers’ rights. Conditions of employment, accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering, health protection, medical care and social security protection are all covered. We have specialist expertise in this area and we were included in the working party for the development of these provisions by the UK’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency. 

Beyond the Convention, every flag state has its own seafarer regulations, governing not just employment terms, but qualifications, crew numbers, working hours and living conditions. Ignoring these not only exposes your yacht to the risk of detention, but may also invalidate insurance policies.

In an age of social media, while careful thought should also be given to protecting guests’ privacy and not compromising security, this must also be balanced with crewmembers’ rights and their need to stay in touch with friends and family.

Contact Rebecca Thornley-Gibson (London) or Julia Wiechell (Hamburg) for more information.

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