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Yacht building

Building a yacht or superyacht which meets or exceeds expectations means building a strong and durable relationship between buyer and yard. We have the experience to guide you - from negotiations to delivery.

  • Our dedicated lawyers have handled some of the largest superyacht builds
  • We have the experience to know what kind of issues are likely to arise
  • We understand the parties’ positions and how to dovetail them into a robust yet helpful build contract

Building a yacht can mean repeated, large financial outlays with little to show in the short term. There are also numerous parties involved, including naval architects, designers, classification societies, and engineers of every description.

Misunderstandings and poor coordination can lead to projects being completed late or not as intended. A build contract must not only protect your interests and expectations as buyer, but act as a clear and effective roadmap for all parties involved.

The contract must also ensure that your project, and any equipment purchased, is protected from creditors should the yard fail mid-build. And it is important to be clear on which equipment the yard is or isn't supplying and who is engaging subcontractors. A buyer's representative, project manager and build captain may all be required, and their employment or service agreement must work alongside the build contract.

But before anything is agreed with the yard, there are key decisions to be made about usage and registration which establish the regulatory and fiscal frameworks.

Contact Duncan Bateson (London) or Thomas Schwenke (Hamburg) for more information.

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