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and Superyachts

Whether you’re buying or building a yacht or superyacht, or you’re already an owner, get on board with us. We’re passionate about yachts, and speak the language of yachting. 

Yachts and superyachts are valuable assets which are subject to changing laws and regulations. It is essential that you have someone to help who understands your goals, and protects your interests at every stage of ownership.

>  Our lawyers specialise in yachts and superyachts

>  We have a global network of integrated offices

>  We are involved with numerous yachting associations

>  We are regularly invited to speak at industry events

>  We have been consulted in the development of key yachting legislation

Buying and selling a yacht is far from straightforward. We handle purchases and sales week-in week-out. We understand standard industry terms – and their drawbacks – and fully appreciate the risks faced by parties. Using practical, experience-based solutions, our lawyers are there to help you overcome obstacles as they arise. Read more here.

We can help you have your yacht or superyacht built. The process will involve repeated, large financial outlays with little to show in the short term, and require input from many different professionals. Managing risks, defining roles and setting down milestones are all essential to a successful build and these must be made clear in the build contract. Read more here.

Low interest rates have made yacht finance an obvious way of releasing useful investment capital. But lenders will want security. All terms should be considered – not just the cost of borrowing – so that you are not bound by terms which are impractical or too onerous. Read more here.

Tax and Customs laws are complicated and changeable. All too often, owners, managers and captains rely to their detriment on the experiences of others to form opinions on how the system works. Yet every situation is different, and a modest investment in expert advice brings peace of mind and protection from claims and fines. Read more here

Talk to us when considering your insurance renewal. Not only do we know the specialist brokers and insurers to help you put the right cover in place, we also have a deep understanding of marine insurance contracts, and are frequently involved in claims. We’ll help you understand terms offered so that you can make better decisions. Read more here.

We can make sure that you’re on top of your crew employment matters. Recent changes to international law have upgraded seafarers’ rights significantly – and given them the means to take swift action against their employer. Having the right employment contract in place is not only wise – it’s a legal requirement. Read more here.

And in the unlikely event of an emergency situation developing, you’ll need a law firm able to act rapidly - whose expert lawyers know instinctively what to do and how to help. Read more here.

Our foresight comes from experience.

Contact Duncan Bateson (London) for more information. 

Need us in a hurry? Call our 24/7 yacht casualty helpline: +44 (0)20 7283 6999