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Yacht insurance

Just as insurance is a vital part of yacht and superyacht ownership, so knowing what cover is needed, negotiating policies and providing the right information are essential aspects of insurance.

It’s easy to assume that dutifully paying premiums will automatically lead to the swift settlement of claims. In reality, it’s often only after an incident that policies provided by underwriters and answers given by owners are examined. The time to seek advice is at the outset - before a contract is agreed.

>  Our lawyers have decades of specialist experience

>  We advise underwriters, brokers, agents and insureds

>  We have been involved in many of the leading insurance cases and many major maritime casualties

Confusing at the best of times, this is also an area of the law which has been subject to considerable changes in recent years.

Owners need to be certain that policies will provide continuing cover - wherever the yacht is located and no matter how she is being used. Is she being chartered? Is she going to spend time in a yard while warranty or refit work is undertaken?

Should a claim be necessary, the sooner we can investigate, the sooner we can advise you. Having our own well-established casualty investigation practice means that, in addition to providing specialist legal advice, we are able to provide real commercial insight and technical understanding.