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Ince Gordon Dadds Emergency Response +442072836999

Emergency response

24 hour hotline: +44 (0)20 7283 6999.

If your ship, rig or aircraft is involved in an accident or incident, you will want to make sure that a bad situation does not become worse and spiral out of control. When major emergencies are not managed properly from day one, your reputation and business can be badly damaged.

Casualties, especially when they are high profile (for example when they involve loss of life, injury or pollution), can be complicated and stressful. To manage the situation you will need to make a number of important decisions quickly.

You will need to take control of fast-moving developments even if there is little time to do so and your daily business is being affected. At the same time you may be faced with anger from the public and media. You will need to deal with that too.

We are proud of our worldwide reputation for responding to and managing casualties – and dealing with all these problems in the shipping, but in accidents in the shippingaviation, energy and rail sectors.

We don’t just give you legal advice on the crisis - we understand the importance of your company’s reputation. Practical, commercial advice, including media management, will be at the heart of our strategy as we help you through a difficult period. We will help you:

  • minimise negative reaction
  • pursue claims
  • maximise recoveries
  • minimise financial losses
  • reduce liability
  • safeguard company assets, including reputation

We don’t just react to your crisis – we guide you through it.

But prevention is always better than cure. We can work with your office team and your crews with training, drills and rehearsals - to make sure that they are fully prepared if an emergency occurs.

Get in touch with Christian Dwyer (Shipping), Harry Hirst (Shipping) or Anna Anatolitou (Aviation) for more information. 

We would be delighted to meet you to tell you more, but if it is already too late then our 24 hour hotline can be contacted on +44 (0)20 7283 6999.

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