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We are market leaders in charterparty matters, having been involved in the shipping industry for over 140 years. We can help you with all different types of charterparty contracts, whether time, voyage, slot, bareboat charters, contracts of affreightment and vessel sharing agreements. We are familiar with charterparties relating to every type of vessel, from LNG/LPG ships to containerships.

We have experienced maritime lawyers able to draft and advise on charterparty clauses, from specialist sanctions clauses to drafting and negotiating long term time charter arrangements and everything in between.

Our expertise in contentious charterparty matters gives us an invaluable perspective. We anticipate the problems that will arise later and take steps to help you to avoid them by drafting the right clauses. If disputes do arise, we are uniquely positioned to assist, due to our longstanding and extensive experience of helping parties with all manner of charterparty disputes.

"There is very considerable expertise." Chambers and Partners 

We understand how these contracts have been developed, what the terms mean and how they operate in practice.

We routinely deal with everything from a failure to pay freight or hire, to termination rights, disputes about delay, unsafe ports, and off spec bunker issues. We guide you through difficult issues which may arise to try and reach the best possible resolution. 

We are able to deal with issues which arise quickly and efficiency with the aim of minimising any disruption and resolving disputes on a commercial basis as far as possible. However, if the dispute does escalate to court or arbitration proceedings, our experience and expertise in dispute resolution set us apart.

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