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Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)

Treaty and facultative reinsurance are the traditional methods of transferring the risk of loss. But many risks – because of their size, profile or uncertain nature – cannot easily be transferred to the conventional market. That is where ART comes in. 

Our specialist reinsurance expertise, combined with our transactional and regulatory experience, means that we are able to advise in relation to a wide range of ART arrangements from both a contentious and non-contentious perspective.

Captive insurance arrangements

We advise on a wide range of captive structures and features.

Structured reinsurance

We advise on structured reinsurance solutions that:

  • Meet specific risk management objectives, for example in relation to exposures across multiple lines
  • Address multi-trigger risk
  • Achieve specific accounting or regulatory capital objectives
  • Limit counterparty risk
  • Achieve insolvency-remote outcomes

Our team is familiar with a wide range of solutions that will help you to meet your commercial objectives, including:

  • Reinsurance sidecars
  • Reinsurance-based structures that remove interest, investment and longevity risks from life insurers
  • Reinsurance structures that allow underlying assets to be more aggressively managed while at the same time ensuring adequate protection for those assets
  • The use of quasi-reinsurance structures, such as swaps, to allow a life insurer to release assets
  • Structured quota share arrangements

Insurance-linked securities

We advise on the wide range of products that are available to offer insurers the ability to access capital markets and investment banks for capital and to provide investors with the opportunity to gain exposure to insurance risks. In particular we advise on:

  • Industry loss warranty contracts
  • Catastrophe bonds
  • Swaps, including longevity swaps
  • Transformer structures necessary to enable the issue of ILSs
  • The efficacy of security arrangements holding underlying assets
  • Agreements with investment banks, custodians and service providers
  • The correct classification of any given instrument for regulatory purposes

For more information, please contact Jan Heuvels or Kiran Soar.

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