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Betting and gaming compliance

The gaming compliance net is very wide in Great Britain, covering not only the B2C operators but also gambling software and other B2B suppliers. All Gambling Commission Licensees are subject to the demands of compliance at both a corporate and individual level.

Gaming compliance is not restricted to Great Britain but is a major business driver for gambling operations across the globe. Many compliance matters such as AML and Data Protection / Privacy (GDPR) are pan-European and as such generic international compliance policies and procedures need to be applied, albeit with country specific differences.

Back in Great Britain, the Commission has stepped up its monitoring and investigation of compliance failings on all fronts from AML, to problem and underage gambling, unfair terms and breaches of Advertising Standards. The list goes on.

After many warnings and a surge of individual enforcement actions, it is now clear that the Commission expects its licensees to be proactive and dynamic in their compliance programs in order to ensure that vulnerable customers are protected against themselves, and in general, that customers are treated fairly in all respects. Ultimately an operator’s license may be revoked, in addition to £multi-million financial penalties and banning of irresponsible individuals from working for other operators. With the stakes so high, all operators need to pay close attention to compliance if they want their business to survive.

The below publication highlights the real dangers of an operator relying on a weak internal compliance regime and looks at how they can turn this around by fully integrating compliance and making it core to their day-to-day business. This will not only ensure that the business survives but also that it thrives, by extending player loyalty and life time value.

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