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Gaming & Betting

We are internationally recognised for the quality of our expertise in all aspects of gambling law and regulation. Whether you are a large corporate or a start-up business, we can advise you on all areas of the gambling industry. We also specialise in unregulated offerings such as eSports, prize competitions and free entry raffles/ lotteries.

Our extensive experience and industry knowledge regularly involves us working with a network of the foremost international gambling lawyers and regulators. Through this network, our teams based in London and Gibraltar can provide coordinated global advice on all aspects of gambling law for online and land-based operators as well as the suppliers to both.

Our combined knowledge of English, Gibraltar and European law, along with our prior in-house legal and compliance experience, allows us to assist you with not only understanding regulatory requirements but also advising and executing on a range of commercial and operational solutions utilising our regulatory and compliance consulting capability.

From our Gibraltar office, Andrew Tait and Peter Howitt have extensive online British and Gibraltar gambling experience, from in-house and private practice. They provide the full range of gambling law services, in particular:

Andrew utilises his IT/IP legal background to handle a variety of commercial contracts on behalf of clients and his in-house AML expertise to provide gambling industry specific consulting in this area. He also specialises in restructuring projects to mitigate regulatory risks.

Peter is the CEO of Gibraltar’s Gambling and Betting Association and leads common initiatives by operators based there, coordinating with the Gibraltar government and gambling regulator. He is also an expert in Fintech and Blockchain law.

From our London office, Andrew Cotton and Tony Coles have vast land based and online British Gambling experience, where:

Andrew Cotton has had the benefit of working for many years in-house at the Rank Group and so has a firm grasp of the issues facing corporate operators and continues to make a name for himself on the international stage.

Tony Coles is a Past President of International Masters of Gaming Law, a member of the International Association of Gaming Attorneys and considered a “Senior Statesman” amongst gambling lawyers worldwide.

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