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Ince Gordon Dadds Emergency Response +442072836999

Emergency response

If you have an emergency, think of us. Very few law firms offer this service and nobody does it better than us thanks to our 140 year old history of dealing with maritime casualties. All of our specialists around the world are ready to travel anyway and at a moment’s notice. There is no messing about. Whatever your crisis, our team will get control of your situation quickly and firmly.

There are many aspects to our emergency response service. We deal with the full range of incidents including:

  • fire
  • explosions
  • terrorist incidents
  • guerrilla or pirate attacks
  • cyber-attacks
  • marine casualties
  • weather damage
  • loss of life and personal injury

But these are just a few examples.

We find solutions when you face pollution-related problems, many of which are political. We deal with international bodies, the media, non-governmental organisations and human rights organisations. We are expert in trans-boundary pollution and advise on current international law and on measures proposed in reaction to incidents.

We have handled most of the world’s major pollution disasters and we are instructed to help with a marine casualty of some kind on a daily basis.

We will support you with practical and legal advice to help you with political risk, including such things as war, expropriation, international sanctions and loss of currency value.

We have a dedicated hotline manned every hour of every day. Our offices around the world are connected to provide immediate legal and practical advice. We know that speed is of the essence. When you are in trouble, you will be our highest priority.

Get in touch for more information. We would be delighted to meet you to tell you more, but if it is already too late then our 24 hotline can be contacted on +44 (0)20 7283 6999.

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