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Ince Gordon Dadds Emergency Response +442072836999

Refrigerated cargoes

Our expertise spans the entire refrigerated logistics chain, in particular in relation to food products and pharmaceuticals. We act for the shippers/manufacturers/traders who produce/sell the product including some of the world’s leading brand names in their sector; the shipping and airlines that transport the product across the globe; the cold stores that store the produce ashore; the freight forwarders/road hauliers, the end buyers and all the insurers. We see the problems that arise from both sides of the fence, in relation to bulk goods and reefer units, which means we are uniquely placed to assist.

We help our clients to draft clear contracts in order to try to prevent disputes arising. That primarily involves sales contracts, in particular standard terms, as well as charterparties and COAs.

Litigation makes up about 60% of what we do. Most of the time, in our experience, disputes will sort themselves out fairly quickly on the basis of our prompt commercial advice. Where necessary, however, we will fight the case in arbitration or Court and if required obtain security for the claim so that you can enforce the Award or Judgment and convert this into cash.

For more information please contact Max Cross in Hong Kong.

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