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Ince Gordon Dadds Emergency Response +442072836999

& Gas

Our team acts for many of the world’s largest oil and gas traders. We help clients resolve day-to-day problems and the disputes that arise from oil and gas trading as well as assisting in finance and prepayment facilities, drafting standard form contracts, joint ventures and profit sharing arrangements.

Our lawyers have expertise in the areas of both shipping and international sale of goods; in the majority of situations when problems occur, issues arise both in relation to the underlying sale contract and the transport of the cargo concerned.

We advise clients on an extensive range of trading and shipping and trade finance issues including:

  • quality determination, contamination and “off–spec” claims
  • late shipment/delayed arrival
  • letters of credit and documentary compliance
  • demurrage under both charters and sale contracts
  • bills of lading and LOIs
  • contract negotiation
  • standard trading terms/GT&Cs
  • collateral management and throughput agreements
  • revolving credit facilities and prepayment financing
  • joint ventures and profit sharing
  • safe port issues
  • on- and off-shore storage contracts
For more information and to discuss your requirements contact Will Marshall.

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