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Our clients value our long history and strength in the insurance industry. Our insurance team has the specialist industry knowledge, geographic reach, experience and reputation in the insurance market that few firms can match.

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The team comprises lawyers from Europe, MENA and the Asia-Pacific region, each of them specialising in insurance work in their particular jurisdiction.

We advise companies operating in the insurance sector on risks spanning multiple lines of business including but not limited to, marine, energy, property and construction, reinsurance and alternative risk transfer, cyber, professional indemnity, and political risk and trade credit.

We also advise clients on corporate and regulatory matters from M&A and transactional advice to underwriting, distribution and legacy arrangements, and conduct of business and regulatory proceedings.

Our office in Lloyd’s of London and international presence means we are fully integrated in the insurance market and instrumental in our clients businesses. Clients include insurers, reinsurers, brokers, run-off companies/discontinued businesses, third party advisers and large financial institutions that conduct insurance business. We also assist Lloyd’s members, managing agents, brokers and policyholders.

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Accident, health & life insurance / Bloodstock, livestock and aquaculture insurance / Captives / Corporate & regulatory insurance / Delegated underwriting / Fine art & specie insurance / Marine insurance (hull and machinery, cargo and freight, builders' risks, mortgagee's risk, strikes, war and terrorism, owners, charterers and ship repairers liability insurance, P&I) / Political risk & trade credit / Property & construction insurance (business interruption, first party property, fraud, subrogated recovery actions, third party property liability) / Reinsurance & Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) / Lloyd’s of London / Lloyd’s marke

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News & insights on Insurance

Insights / The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review Eighth Edition

16-06-2020 / Insurance

We’re pleased to share with you the eighth edition of The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review. Ince is a member of The Law Reviews (TLR) leading panel of contributors and the team this year led by Peter Rogan as the Editor, contributed to the following topics:

The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review Eighth Edition

Insights / Chapter 15 - England and Wales

16-06-2020 / Insurance

The UK insurance and reinsurance industry is the largest in Europe and the fourth-largest in the world.

Chapter 15 - England and Wales

Insights / Chapter 3 - Fraud Insurance Claims: Where are we now?

16-06-2020 / Insurance

Dishonesty in general, and fraudulent claims in particular, cost the insurance market considerable amounts each year. The legal consequences of dishonesty are not always the same, however, and will depend on a number of factors, including how it manifests itself and the point in the process at which it occurs.

Chapter 3 - Fraud Insurance Claims: Where are we now?

Insights / Chapter 1 - Insurtech and Artificial Intelligence

16-06-2020 / Insurance

The rapid development of converging technologies is bringing about fundamental changes to the insurance industry. In the long term, organisations that are slow to embrace these new technologies will struggle to compete and to retain their place in the market.

Chapter 1 - Insurtech and Artificial Intelligence

Insights / Chapter 2 - Cyber Insurance

16-06-2020 / Insurance

As the use of cloud-based computing, electronic platforms and smart devices continues to increase, it goes without saying that businesses have had to adapt quickly to technological advances and the corollary demands of their customers.

Chapter 2 - Cyber Insurance

Insights / Chapter 18 - Greece

16-06-2020 / Insurance

The insurance market experiences constant change because of its interdependence with the economy as a whole.

Chapter 18 - Greece

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