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Vincent is a Registered Foreign Lawyer who assists Asia’s shipping, finance and insurance practice groups in all aspects.

Vincent joined Ince in 2011 and has passed the Chinese Bar Exam. Vincent provides full range legal assistance to the firm’s shipping, finance and insurance teams.

On shipping side, he provides all-round assistance in both dry and wet shipping matters such as cargo claims, charterparty disputes, ship collisions and pollution.

On finance side, he assists in both shipping and aviation transactions by drafting and translating various bilingual contracts and legal documents including facility agreements, security documents, and various specific transaction related documents such as frame contracts.

On insurance side, he helps on both coverage issues and claims for both direct and reinsurance.

Vincent graduated from Shanghai Maritime University, and gained his Master Degree (with merits) from Swansea University. Vincent speaks native Mandarin, native Shanghainese, and fluent English and Cantonese.      

Maritime, Insurance

Education (University):
Shanghai Maritime University, Swansea University

Mandarin, Shanghainese, English, Cantonese