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Annette Fong

Head of Compliance Solutions London T +44 020 74810010

Department Regulatory solutions, Compliance Education (University) University of New South Wales, Australia – Bachelor of Arts University of New South Wales, Australia – Master of Commerce Languages English, Cantonese, Mandarin (basic)

Annette Fong

You, Annette Fong
& Ince, in any case

Annette has over 20 years international experience in Compliance and Financial Crime having held senior roles including regulatory approved positions in these areas. She has worked in the financial services sector of asset management, investment banking and the interdealer broker. Annette has employed her regulatory knowledge and expertise as a subject matter expert in the RegTech/FinTech space having participated in various innovation experiments, collaborations and regulatory TechSprints.

Annette has held Head of Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officer roles in various financial institutions for over 20 years and has worked in the following jurisdictions – Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Within these senior appointments, she has managed global Compliance and Financial Crime teams advising on and implementing strategies, Compliance/Financial Crime frameworks, monitoring programmes, governance structures and training programmes. Annette has also been a participating member of senior committees and boards of these financial institutions. 


"As a Compliance and Financial Crime practitioner in the financial services industry, I can provide hands on practical experience and expertise whilst offering pragmatic solutions. Therefore, my clients can be assured that the advisory service is bespoke and not a tick box approach."

Matter highlights

  1. Advising on regulatory enforcement actions and implementing programmes to address the matter. This included negotiating and close interaction with the regulators.  

  2. Advising on and implementation of global Compliance and Financial Crime strategy and frameworks.

  3. Managing the structure and restructure of global Compliance teams.

  4. Member of Senior Committees and Boards to advise on regulatory matters and provide challenge.

  5. Advising and participating in RegTech experiments/proof of concepts as well, participating in regulatory techsprints.

  6. Advising on licensing applications and successfully being granted the licence to conduct regulated activities. 

My recent publications

Insights / A Higher Form of Realty – Beyond the Sale and 5MLD

20-07-2020 / Real Estate

On 29 March 2018, the Treasury Committee launched an inquiry into Economic Crime including the examination of two areas where a risk of money laundering had been identified — property and company formation.

A Higher Form of Realty – Beyond the Sale and 5MLD

News / AML Art Series – Timing / Ready or Not - Registration

28-04-2020 /

The Art of Lateness and HMRC Registration White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – "Oh, my fur and whiskers! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear! I’m here, I should be there. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! The queen, she’ll have my head for sure!" "Court is now in session!" "Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts, presiding!" "I'm late! I'm late! I'm dreadfully, awfully late! The queen will roast me for dinner! If I'm late for the trial, it'll be off with MY head next!"

 AML Art Series – Timing / Ready or Not - Registration

News / Cryptoassets – Believing the money laundering impact

31-03-2020 /

“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.” — Bitcoin’s purported founder Satoshi Nakamoto “I believe... I believe... Even though it's silly, I believe” says Susan from a Miracle on 34th Street

Cryptoassets – Believing the money laundering impact

News / Beneficial owners where art thou?

04-02-2020 /

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? As uttered by Juliet on her balcony looking out to the garden, and Romeo waits in the shadows.

Beneficial owners where art thou?

News / The Artful Dodger

14-01-2020 /

Oliver Twist: And you Dodger, you're my friend The Artful Dodger: Huh! A friend's just an enemy in disguise. You can't trust nobody. 

The Artful Dodger