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News / “He tried to strangle me.” What would those words convey to the “ordinary reasonable reader” of a Facebook post?

30-04-2019 / IP & IT

Stocker v. Stocker [2019] UKSC 17

For the first time, the Supreme Court considers the meaning of words in the context of their publication on social media.

Insights / How will Brexit impact Trade Marks?

11-01-2019 / IP & IT

On March 29, 2019, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. The exact impact of this unprecedented political move remains unknown, but the UK’s future post-Brexit is likely to be decided in the coming weeks. In June 2016, a referendum was held to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU. With more than 30 million people voting (a turnout of 71.8%), leave won by 51.9% to 48.1%.

Insights / Brexit and the repatriation of EU laws

31-03-2017 / IP & IT

The Government's White Paper Legislating for the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union has confirmed the general approach that the proposed Great Repeal Bill will takenbspWhilst the UK will no longer be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (CJEU), EU laws existing at the time Brexit takes effect will in fact continue to apply, unless or until they are overturned by subsequent UK legislation

Insights / Brexit and EU Intellectual Property – What Now?

18-07-2016 / IP & IT

The initial shockwave of the UK electorate’s vote in a referendum held on 23 June to terminate its membership of the European Union (Brexit) has given way to a tide of uncertainty as to whether, when and how the UK will indeed exit the EU. No independent member state has ever left the EU and the nature and scale of this development is unprecedented.

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News / Data Protection – the EU-US “Privacy Shield” is here – for now!

18-07-2016 / IP & IT

In February we commented on the agreement reached between the EU and US authorities on a new framework for transatlantic data flows, called the “EU-US Privacy Shield”. This would allow the transfer of personal data from EU countries to the USA, where other legal justifications for this are not available.

News / Changes to EU trade mark law

23-03-2016 / IP & IT

On 23 March 2016, new EU trade mark laws come into force, which are set to alter the landscape of EU trade mark protection moving forward The main changes are as follows:

News / Case Closed Trunki rolled over by imitator in Supreme Court

14-03-2016 / IP & IT

Almost 13 years to the day since the Community Registered Design (CRD) came into effect in the EU, the UK’s Supreme Court has handed down its very first judgment on this relatively young IP right. It was certainly worth the wait and has already caused considerable controversy.

News / Data Protection – Update on the US “Safe Harbor” scheme

09-02-2016 / IP & IT

Last October we reported on the demise of the EU-US “Safe Harbor” scheme, as a result of the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case of Maximilian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland. The ECJ held that the “Safe Harbor”, which has been used by many EU and US businesses to justify transatlantic transfers of personal data since 2000, was invalid because the US public authorities were not bound by the scheme, and this compromised the fundamental human right of EU citizens to respect for their private lives.