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News / Divorce now or await the change in the law?

12-10-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

There has been much publicity about the long awaited change in the law brought about by the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020. This Act becomes effective on April 29 next year and will enable proceedings ending the legal relationship to begin, without waiting for a minimum of two years following separation, or in the absence of separation, apportioning blame to the other party by providing details of the individual’s unreasonable behaviour or adultery.

News / Married, separated or divorced: how does your marital status affect your tax treatment?

21-06-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

The tax implications arising out of a divorce, separation, or even marriage could be diverse and unforeseen. Although tax implications may not be your first priority upon separation, it is always wise to seek advice early on in the process, and be aware of possible tax liabilities depending on the outcome of the proceedings.

Insights / Men's Health Week: A focus on domestic abuse

16-06-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

There is a lot of press, almost on a daily basis, on the domestic abuse of women. However, there needs to be an understanding and realisation that men are not always the perpetrators, but instead can be the victims of domestic abuse.

Insights / No fault divorce – possible from Spring 2022

10-06-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

From the 6 April 2022, married couples, including those entered into civil partnerships, will be able to divorce without blaming one party or adhering to the current separation period requirements.

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Insights / Safeguarding your family home with a Life Interest Trust

28-05-2021 / Family & Matrimonial, Private Wealth

When the need for care arises, many couples are concerned about funding long-term care and having to sell their property to meet care home fees. Individuals with a capital of more than £23,250 are expected to fund their own care with no contribution from the Local Authorities.

News / To vaccinate or not to vaccinate: What happens if parents cannot agree on the vaccination of their children against Covid-19?

26-05-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

In the last week, it has been widely reported that the USA has authorised the use of a Covid-19 vaccine to be administered to children over 12 years of age. Although the UK is currently assessing the data, it is anticipated that they will also approve the use of a Covid-19 vaccine for children. The question that then arises is what happens if parents cannot agree on whether their child should be given a Covid-19 vaccine.

children vaccine

Insights / The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 - could this be a turning point for violence against women?

20-05-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

On 29 April 2021, after years of parliamentary consideration, the Domestic Abuse Bill finally became law, representing a long-awaited change to our legislation.

Insights / Divorce, relocation and Covid-19

18-03-2021 / Family & Matrimonial

Since March 2020, many articles have reported on the perceived increase in divorce rates during the Covid pandemic. Only time will tell if this proves to be correct and if the record-breaking 2019 figure of 108,421 divorces for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples in the UK is surpassed.