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Insights / Freeports: how do they benefit businesses in the UK?

23-04-2021 / Maritime

In the 2021 Spring Budget, Rishi Sunak announced the creation of eight Freeports in England. These Freeports offer potential incentives for businesses located in such zones to benefit from tax breaks, the ability to import and export goods free of tariffs and reduced administrative burdens. They may also provide opportunities for businesses supporting these activities, including shipping companies, construction companies and service providers.

Insights / Domicile and issues of taxation

23-09-2020 / Tax

Taxation is complicated at the best of times but for many people in the shipping industry who often work in a country other than the one where they were born or grew up, there are invariably added cross border complications.

Insights / Stamp Duty Land Tax – Temporary Relief

14-07-2020 / Tax

In the UK, Chancellor Rishi Sunak last week announced a raft of stimulus measures aimed at rebooting the UK economy following the coronavirus pandemic.

Insights / Domicile remittance basis

03-07-2020 / Tax

This article looks at the practical issues arising from the remittance basis. The remittance basis is an alternative tax treatment that's available to individuals who are resident but not domiciled or treated as domiciled in the UK and have foreign income and gains.

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Insights / Brexit Q&A: Tax

12-12-2019 / Tax

In this Brexit Q&A Huw Witty provides details surrounding the topic of Tax. This includes borrowing costs, anti-avoidance rules and whether there will be a tax upside from Brexit.

Blogs / A nasty surprise for off plan buyers

26-11-2018 / Tax

In the recent case of HMRC v Higgins (2018 UKUT 280) the Upper Tax Tribunal ruled that “off plan” property purchasers will not be able to claim the traditional relief from capital gains tax (CGT) for the period prior to them moving into their new properties.

Blogs / Requirement to Correct: HMRC’s new 200% tax penalty regime

27-07-2018 / Tax

From 30 September 2018, HMRC will introduce a new, more severe penalty regime that will apply to any unpaid UK tax connected to non-UK (otherwise known as ‘offshore’) assets. At its starting point, this new regime imposes financial penalties of 200% on any such unpaid tax, and the rules require a minimum of 100% to be levied, irrespective of taxpayer co-operation.

Blogs / The inheritance tax issues facing foreign nationals owning UK property

18-06-2018 / Tax

The UK has historically been, and indeed remains, an attractive proposition for foreign nationals to live, work and invest their money In past years a buoyant property market has led to large numbers of foreign nationals acquiring UK assets, often UK residential property, as an investment Recent falls in the value of sterling following the Brexit vote have only increased the attractiveness of such investments However, such investors should always consider carefully the UK tax implications and succession issues that may arise from holding and later disposing of such an asset, or dying whilst still owning a UK property