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News / Cryptocurrency Fraud and Asset Tracing Legal Service of Documents through NFT - A Hong Kong Perspective

14-06-2022 / TMT

In June 2022, LCX, a prominent centralised cryptocurrency exchange based in Liechtenstein, effected legal service upon anonymous hackers through the use of NFT.


News / Marine Money London Ship Finance Forum 2022

12-04-2022 / Maritime

We were delighted to be part of the Marine Money London Ship Finance Forum on 11 April 2022.

Insights / Limited Partnership Funds

13-08-2021 / Banking & Finance

Hong Kong has always been a robust hub for private equity and venture capital in Asia.

Insights / Gibraltar announces a new legislative framework for Limited Partnerships, a key development of the jurisdiction’s funds legislation

28-10-2020 / Banking & Finance, Corporate & Commercial

The Gibraltar Government has today announced the publishing this week of the Limited Partnerships Bill and Protected Cell Limited Partnerships Bill; key aspects in the modernisation and development of the jurisdiction's fund sector.

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News / Considerations of a financier in dealing with a problematic financing: A practical guide

26-05-2020 / Banking & Finance

The coronavirus pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to our clients, and leaves our clients uncertain as to what actions they can and are entitled to take to best protect their rights in a potential default situation. We are here to help our clients to analyse the situation so they can make an informed decision.

Insights / Covid-19 Economic Stimulus Measures: Too Much of a Good Thing?

19-05-2020 / Banking & Finance

Over the past weeks, the UK has witnessed an unprecedented governmental response to counteract the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, from the furloughing scheme, which has now been extended to October, to the ever-expanding government-backed debt financing options. However, concern is mounting over the viability of debt financing as a solution in light of the scale of the challenge that business is confronted with. Last week saw growing discussion of the need for government intervention to support equity financing or other solutions to ensure the viability of businesses going forward.

Insights / Covid-19 – Needs Must: Time to Use Administration to Rescue Companies?

15-05-2020 / Banking & Finance

The COVID-19 crisis presents UK businesses with serious challenges, and in many cases will test their continuing viability. The government has set out an unprecedented range of supporting measures in order to assist business through this challenging period. Lockdown measures have in many cases reduced revenue significantly if not to zero in some industry sectors. As the lockdown measures are slowly rolled back the shape of the economic recovery will become apparent. Predictions range from a V to a lazy U shaped recovery. What is clear is that a raft of previously viable businesses will need continued assistance in order to ensure that they are able to continue to trade as the recovery develops.   

Insights / Scottish Court sanctions the Premier Oil Scheme of Arrangement confirming the flexibility of the scheme of arrangement to implement novel restructuring solutions

12-05-2020 / Energy & Infrastructure

Successful creditor challenges to schemes of arrangement are incredibly rare, and ARCM’s challenge to Premier Oil’s scheme [1] has not bucked this trend. This scheme raised a broad range of issues which, subject to the outcome of the appeal, have been addressed to confirm the broad, flexible scope of the scheme of arrangement to implement creative restructuring solutions in the face of opposition from minority creditor groups. We provided an overview of the scheme of arrangement process and some of the issues raised by the Premier Oil scheme in our previous bulletins [2] .