Roadpeace’s 30th Anniversary

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Happy 30th anniversary to Roadpeace from all of us at Ince

Roadpeace is one of Ince Bristol’s longest-standing charitable partners and we are proud to have supported them for many years in the important work they do. We cannot commend enough the hard work of both volunteers and staff who tirelessly assist crash victims, their families and friends.

As a legal and professional services law firm, Ince is proud to have helped Roadpeace members through some of the most difficult periods of their lives. We’ve provided legal assistance to many victims and families as they seek justice and financial support for what has happened to them.

We’ve seen first-hand the benefits to survivors and their families of attending Roadpeace’s monthly support meetings and their strong sense of relief felt at being able to talk honestly and openly about what has happened to them, sometimes for the first time. Some survivors share their strategies for coping; others share their experiences of inquests and police investigations, which can feel very overwhelming to those recently injured or bereaved. We’ve also seen the friendships which have formed and which persist beyond the support meetings as people who share common experiences and traumas find solace through each other.

Roadpeace’s road safety campaigns should be a source of inspiration to all road users and a deterrent to those who drive without thinking of the consequences. Sadly it took Mansoor Chaudhry’s tragic death to bring the charity into existence, but as Roadpeace continues to campaign for matters of road safety in its 30th year, further tragedies may be averted.

Well done Roadpeace and we look forward to supporting you over the next 30 years.


Leigh Woodham

Leigh Woodham Managing Associate