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Domestic Violence is not something anyone should have to live with and certainly is not a reason to remain in an abusive relationship, if your visa depends on the relationship subsisting. Get out at an early stage and look for help and don’t be ashamed if the relationship is not working. Domestic violence does not have to be just about physical violence,  it can be psychological pressure, financial manipulation, cruelty, controlling behaviour, isolation, third party pressure and exploitation.

The United Kingdom Immigration Rules are understanding of those who have genuinely experienced domestic violence in their relationships and marriage and provide an opportunity for the victim of domestic violence to apply immediately for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

It is so important to seek help at an early stage and not to listen to the common threats and manipulation foreign spouses receive from their partners about their UK visa status.  It is fair to say that our experience shows the Home Office will not seek to remove those subject to domestic violence whilst you have been living in the UK on a family related visa.

Evidence to support domestic violence claims can take many forms – a criminal conviction which relates to domestic violence, a past history of domestic violence with an ex-partner that comes to light, a police caution, non-molestation order, agency support group involvement and risk assessment, a Domestic Violence Protection Order, correspondence from social welfare, social services involvement, a letter of statement from independent witnesses, an arrest, an interim order, police report, medical report from a GP or hospital, threatening e-mails, texts or letters

Here at Ince our Immigration Team has considerable experience advising and representing clients on domestic violence issues and  immigration matters – remember you do not have to tolerate it.. 

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