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Drones – A New Frontier

Insights / 13-08-2020 / India

Unmanned Aircraft Systems / Vehicles (UAS UAV - or Drones, as they are commonly known) refer primarily to an unmanned aircraft which is guided by a remote control.

The very first attempt to use a contraption that could be flown on its own accord was reported in the 1800s, when Austrians attacked the city of Venice with balloons laden with explosives. The first pilotless aircraft was designed by the US Army during World War I. These unmanned aerial vehicles could not, however, be used during the war as by the time they were actually developed, the war had ended. Nonetheless, these UAVs called ‘Kettering Bugs’ were meant to fly as aerial torpedoes. Later, during the 1930s, the United States and England, both independently developed the world’s first radio-controlled aircraft. In 1935, the British developed “Queen Bee”, a radio-controlled target drone, which is also believed to have led to the use of term “drone,” for radio-controlled unmanned aircraft.

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Piyush Gupta

Piyush Gupta Head of Aviation and Competition

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