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Counter-Drone Tech and the Challenges Thereof

Insights / 27-08-2020

Drone detection technologies have been a blind spot for most governments across the world, and it gains significance in the current times considering that drones are now being used for commercial purposes. Thus, protecting civilians and civilian infrastructure from drone threats is increasingly becoming a broad but a very specific task. Drone threats may arise from as simple a case as of carelessness (such as a drone flying too close to an airport ) to as grave and mala fide as a drone bearing ammunitions hitting a bridge, or a building (as an act of terrorism).

Counter-drone systems are failing spectacularly against the continued proliferation and use of the drone technology, which is rapidly outpacing the systems put in place to check and adequately safeguard drone ‘threats’ especially in commercial environment(s). 

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Piyush Gupta

Piyush Gupta Head of Aviation and Competition

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