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UK Government to re-introduce Post Study Work Visa from next year


Alan Platt

Alan Platt Director of Immigration

The UK Government has today announced their plan to re-introduce the Post Study Work Visa from next year. This was a UK immigration route that closed in April 2012 and previously allowed foreign students studying in this country at degree level to enter the job market following successful graduation via a two year work visa.

The Post Study Work Visa will become an option for those foreign students commencing undergraduate level studies in the UK in 2020 and will lead to employers being able to offer employment for two years without a requirement to apply for a Tier 2 work permit.  After the initial two year period has elapsed the employer will be able to sponsor the worker via a Tier 2 work permit application via a streamlined process.

This announcement clearly benefits foreign graduates contemplating embarking on UK studies and employers, who will have easier access to talented, gifted and well qualified foreign labour.

The Immigration Team at Ince will be happy to advise UK employers and those considering UK graduate level studies about employment and student immigration routes and the opportunities, via the Post Study Work Visa and other employment and investment routes.

Contact our Director of Immigration  Alan Platt  for more details.

Article authors:

Alan Platt